What is the purpose of these forums once V2 starts up?

Just an inquiry as to the purpose of the forums once V2 goes public?
This place is pretty nice, a lot of engaged people discussing the future of this platform, we give feedback to the developers, it gives us info about the app itself, etc.
But once V2 opens, what would be the purpose of keeping these open?
Maybe it’s to report bugs or technical issues but in terms of the discussions here, is there a plan for us as a group? Or are we expected to move on from this and solely onto the app?


There is a similar thread here:

As someone says there, once the app opens up there will be more to discuss about the app itself. You can find people to collaborate with, tell Dom what you like about the app and what you don’t, report bugs, ask questions to other users, etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think Dom intends to use this forum as a way to engage with the artists. He seems to really want to make v2 an app that can serve those artists’s needs, creatively and monetarily.

V2 is building a positive, organized, polite community first so that once the app launches it’s got a strong base community of people who care about it.


This example helps you, All successful videogames have a forum that supports them, in this people raise their doubts, propose new things and make guides helping new ones. The forums help the community get along better and can also warn if there are certain bugs or problems in the new updates.

This is not a videogame but it can fulfill the same purpose, besides being able to promote your account.