What is the best time to post?

So I’ve been thinking if there’s a specific time where there’s more people active in any app.

Even if you don’t believe I’ve been trying and tasting this out by myself and discovered that this specific time, the moment I’m posting this is when there’s more people active in the forum.
But what do you think? Post your time and the country or city you’re at.

Depends on the day. Typically M-F it’s better to post in the mornings. As you gain popularity you can adjust more toward peek user times. Saturday’s and Sunday’s are harder for less popular users to get noticed because of increased volume


Well explained. I agree with all you said.

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In Vine I make post at the morning and just in weeks days (Monday to Friday) Saturday and Sunday was a lot more complicated.

It all makes sense. So unpopular viners could have their shine time before the app gets full of popular vines.

In my country there are most people online (in all social networks) the sundays on the night

Thanks. I think in my country too.

i usually post/posted around noon to 5pm, it seems to work best for me

Depends on the time when most users are active.