What is "sensitive content" on Byte?

Hey guys, I need help. I would like to upload a parody on Trisha Paytas, but I am not sure if I should upload it because I fear it may contain “sensitive content”. Can you guys please help me and give me some info on what is classified on Byte as “sensitive content”?




Tbh “sensitive content” makes me nervous all the time as I really don’t know who’s going to like a joke and who’s not. Lately I’d consider myself getting away with 2 or 3 risky post? My best bet is to post it and if there’s something highly wrong with it I’m sure someone will let you know.


Be mindful of others. If it’s against TOS, obviously don’t post it.
If it’s racist/sexist/religiously biased etc etc…probably wouldn’t post it.


If she’s naked or being extremely explicit about sexual things in the parody then I probably wouldn’t post that.

I use the Three’s Company standard. If they got away with it under Mr. Roper’s roof then it should be ok.

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Basically I would say as long as you don’t make racial, suggestive or content where your blatanly doing some against www.byte.co/guidelines and your channel isn’t targeting that as your content you should be fine.

Anything that breaks byte guidelines :slightly_smiling_face:

A general rule as to what is sensitive:

-Pronography. If there’s nudity in there or you are describing very explicit things, it’s probably sensitive.

-Violence. If you are showing blood or someone physically attacking someone/an animal. We all know fail compilations, but those are accidental. You can tell when something is normalizing violence.

-Hatred: If the video is normalizing/making light of/encouraging negative stereotypes or out right hate towards an entire group of marginalized or vulnerable people. Women, Black people, Asian people, Disabled people, Neurodivergent people.

As everyone else said, check the guidelines.