What is Obama up to?

Now that he ain’t the president, what is he up to and where does he get money from???


Presidents actually get “paid for life” once they’re done! He’ll be getting like $205k every year for the rest of his life

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Obama’s will always be my president :grin::grin: jk but I love him so much


Wait seriously!? I didn’t know this

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Yeah! It’s part of the former presidents act

They also get secret service protection for life amongst other things

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Probably eating a salad

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idk. but i hope he gets invited to harry’s and meg’s wedding !:relaxed: instead of presidentassface !

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I need a job like that

dead :joy:

Haha I was wondering about this today. He’s so cool So idk probably something cool.

That is so badass…

which is his favorite? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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A good garden salad