What is happening in today's world ?. What the hell is this?



Of course they are. They dont want their own people to get any ideas. They did the same for the protests in Hong Kong. Makes me even more grateful for byte and i hope anyone who abandons TikTok finds a home here.


TikTok is a Chinese company. China being a communist country, have complete control of everything in it. If anyone thinks differently than the gov’t, they become a target to silence. It’s sad but really shows on how far ahead America is compared to other countries with these sort of things. Not perfect, but ahead. Still lots of work left to do.

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Don’t believe everything you read - I’m on TikTok and for you page is filled with peaceful protest and looting and the trending hashtags is #blacklivematters :thinking:


Here’s a screenshot Just in case you guys aren’t on there, just don’t let a few people say the protest for George Floyd isn’t represented


Yes, TikTok added that banner and trending hashtag after they were publicly called out for suppressing or deleting videos about the protests. They only changed their tune because they got caught. Again.


That is the case now after they received tons of backlash. I’m not saying it is 100% true they blocked it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. TikTok came out and blamed it on a “random error”. Which is an easy thing to use as an excuse. Kinda suspicious that it wasn’t just #blacklivesmatter but anything relating to the subject. Tiktok threw in their statement that #cat wasn’t working either :joy:


I wouldn’t be surprised that this is happening. None of my posts about it have been taken down, and I do know a black TikToker speaking out who seems to be left alone as well. Shame on them for censoring this movement. I have 16.6k followers on TikTok, please let me know if you’ve seen anyone censored and I will reupload their video on my account with credit to help spread their message.

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@Armog are u on there? Cause I’m on there and last week, the system wasn’t even updating ur views on ur videos for 2-3 hrs and hashtags weren’t showing up and all displaying 0 - was it an accidental- who knows but what I’m seeing now is 80% that hashtags on my for you.

And u do post with that hashtag, u are competing with millions of post within an hour and sure, ur views will be lower due to supply and demand- my reasoning though so hate me if u think I’m wrong :man_shrugging:t2:


Like the guilty byters


I’m not on there much recently. I believe what you’re saying. It just seemed a little suspicious that it was this tag or anything related to it. If it really was an error, then that was really bad timing for TikTok :grimacing:

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