What is considered simple these days? (Discussion around UI)

After reading @TomasNoMas post Simpler = Better? , it got me thinking… What is considered simple these days.

What video focused app do you find easiest to use and understand?

In terms of video based, SnapChat is quite simple and straightforward in terms of recording and sending video.


Well, the Vine app was pretty good by the end, except for the extended video length, I thought that was a dumb move.

Instagram is pretty easy to use, but the editing in the app wasn’t as good as Vine’s was.

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Agreed :wink:

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I could never figure out how Snapchat worked. Maybe it’s just because I’m old.

Hmm, good question!

I agree that snapchat is quite simple. The rest though, aren’t that simple when you really look into it. I think they appear to be “simple” because more features roll out over time vs. all at once. I think instagram is super easy to understand. Even if you are new, you can get a hang of all of the features in a day! That being said, I don’t think instagram is that “simple”, but it also is simple lmao

On instagram

  • you can take photos and edit photos in many ways
  • shoot video and edit in various ways
  • add content to your story whether it be a photo/video/boomerang
  • and then you have filters for your face and photo filters for the story amongst other story features
  • then you have your saved feature where you can save content, and also organize them within that tab
  • then you have recommended videos based off your activity
  • video compilations based on different themes you might like
  • now you get recommended accounts on your page
  • you can dm people
  • you can also send disappearing videos/photos to people like snapchat as well
  • you can edit post captions along with adding geo tags and such
  • you can now follow hashtags
  • you can also add your story posts to sitewide hashtag stories
  • you can change from a personal account to business account
  • you can view your analytics and promote your content if you have a business account
  • you can link sponsorships straight on your posts

too name a few :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Overall, instagram does seem pretty simple but there are definitely a ton of cool/useful/helpful features! I think it works and continues to come off as “simple” because they add features over time. As we get used to the new features, they become familiar.

And as other applications, adopt those features, they become even more familiar so it’s almost like a base model. Stories started on snapchat, moved to instagram and are now on facebook. Now, you can be 100% new to snapchat but after using facebook stories, you should at the very least have an understanding of what you can do on snapchat.

If an instagram competitor joined the game without stories, video uploading or business accounts despite instagram starting off as and being just a photo-sharing site, we’d probably say it was “too simple”

It actually seems like a slippery slope when I really think about it! You’d want the app to have the “base features” but would need some kickers to beat competitors but at the same time, too many kickers at once might overwhelm users

I don’t know if any of that makes sense


Seriously just look at path! More of when path first started only way to navigate was a little floating bubble that expanded with more contextual options depending on what u are looking at! Also and obviously make the bubble moveable or hideable or transparent!!! Gestures and minimalist is the best at least for me :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:

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I think when he means “simple” he also means the design is simple and easy on the eyes. It’s all about pleasing the eyes to give it a modern look. The font, one or two colors, few buttons, non-complicated designs and other things.

If you remember what apple looked like before iOS 6, all the apps had a shine, shadow, and depth to them which in my eyes are ugly. Today each app has one or two colors with a “simple” design and nice blend with the device.

Pretty much all social media platforms follow by these rules now and look similar. I don’t know what you could do different, but I’m pretty sure you can find out something that looks nice and unique that other apps don’t have.



Simple as in a non-cluttered, streamlined content-focused design.

The old vine app is a really good example:

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