What is BROKEN in the camera?

Hey all, we’re working on making the camera a lot better. In addition to putting in new features, it’s also become clear to me that there are a ton of bugs of all sizes all over the place.

Typically we’d rely on bug reports, but I’d like to take a more holistic inventory in this thread so we can start to tackle things. If you are running into a bug or point of confusion with the CAMERA or SOUNDS, please note it here.

Please also include if you’re on iOS or Android!


Not sure if a bug worth mentioning, but when I click on a post from my Home Screen/external notifications, or from my notifications tab in app (IOS), when the post is loaded it is with the older UI. Not sure if really an issue or not.

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^ I’ve noticed this happens usually if I back out or make a change after I’ve initially chosen a byte beat. (Ios)

Also it would be cool to choose which camera to record from “x.5, x1 or x2” (ios) mainly because my “x1” lens is broken. lol but that just might be a personal problem.

Text bubbles are kinda laggy on Gboard, I had to install swiftkey to be able to type correctly but even there its a tad bit janky. Android 10

Also, If I import a video and upload the next time I go to film the bar appears empty, but when I finish filming the old imported video is still there, I have to clear storage the app to make normal videos again.

What I find kinda annoying is adding byte beats, some of them get added without a problem but others would take me back to the camera which makes the process that much longer.

I wish there was a way to know beforehand which beats would maybe fit the duration of the video (if that’s the issue) or to preview the beat before adding it.

Android 10.

[Not a bug more of a suggestion: what if the camera had some exclusive filters that change regularly?]

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I’m not sure if it’s been posted before but I had a notification of someone using my sound and it sounds nothing like my original post :skull: I’m not sure if it’s a minor bug or I’m having a boomer moment but I figured I should post this


Same🧍🏻 happened 2 times today

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sometimes when i put a picture above my head the next clip without it is sideways and stretched out

Only issues I have had are with byte beats and how some times it locks up when adding them. Other than that that is all I have noticed lately.

Often I have a video saved in my camera that I want to use someone’s sound with and the current configuration doesn’t work with that, hopefully the update will address that

iOS 14 and pixelated camera hell.


I thought since I was on iPhone X that the text tool world reflect how it would look, but after I posted I saw that the text is zoomed in so the sides are cut off. Ginger made a post about it affecting old bytes but I didn’t expect it to also affect current bytes

The camera stays on in the background after you’re done recording


Yo I can’t even upload byte right now because whatever I make the app ZOOMS IN HARD on what I make?? What’s happening


The quality of the video downgrade a significant amount for iPhone as well. I did an experiment. I uploaded a video from my camera roll, then downloaded that video and uploaded THAT version again. Here is:

  1. The Original Camera Recording
  2. The first upload
  3. The 5th upload
  4. The 10th upload
  5. The 20th upload
  6. And I stopped at 37. Haha!

Hopefully this helps you figure out what is going on with it. It’s not about the downloading of the video either because the quality downgrade happens at the compression and upload each time.


To be clear reuploading a video would always degrade quality, there’s nothing that can be done about that. Are you just showing the steps to show how degrading happens on multiple passes?

We are looking at ways to make the quality better in general but nothing has changed in the last few months that should dramatically affect quality. I think the only exception is there might be an issue where using text degrades quality a bit since there would be an extra rendering pass to add the text on top, but we need to investigate that.


To put it another way we have to compress the video at least once when you upload it, there’s no way around that. So if you kept downloading and reuploading it would always degrade.

What we’re looking at is if we’re accidentally compressing multiple times in the course of making a video (e.g. once for the video clips + once for the pass w/ text)