What IG platform are you all from?

Hey everyone my names Eli

I’ve worked with social media for almost 6 years and have gained quite a bit of rep among the social media community. Can’t wait for v2 this’ll be great! What is your favorite social media right now? Comment and let me know your username I’ll sauce u a follow on some of my big pages.

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Vine and ■■■■■■ :joy: instagram and Twitter is my fav

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Vine was my fav, but I found my way over to Instagram afterwards.
My User is @ColinResponseTO what’s yours? :slight_smile:

Instagram is my go to, since I’m an aspiring model haha but v2 will be my second go to app followed by Twitter! If you want, my instagram is: instagram.com/georgeswelch!

Instagram is a must for me, follow me @respectmikey ! I’ll follow back ofc .

mostly Instagram but lately i’m back to twitter