What if... Twitch follow - subscribe system?

I don’t know if this has been talked before but if, so I haven’t seen it.

Twitch has this follow - subscribe system that is pretty famous.

So it works this way: If you follow someone you’d be able to just watch that person video, comment, share and get notified when the person is streaming.
In order to subscribe you must pay some money, not too much. As a subscriber you’d be able to use personalized emoticons (emotes) from the person you’re subscribed to.

It also gives you Badges: Subscriber badges are special icons that display alongside a subscriber’s name. We can have that!

As well as Exclusive Chatroom: Twitch Partners and Affiliates have the option to create a sub-only chatroom. So in this case in V2 could be exclusive comment section? I know this could be something weird but also new, something we have never seen before, two comment sections.
One where our fav artist could be able to see us and reply.

Do you guys think it will work? Or is it too much hard work to make it into the V2? @dom

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Some people have already been talking about a similar thing. Check out this thread to prevent repetition in the forums:

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Let me make it clear. Most of people have interest in free things and as you have said about paying for being a subscriber and something like that, I don’t think so people would like it. Im Sorry but i personally don’t like to do that. lets make vine a free and Good App. And if your’re talking about twitch donating system? then also lets not do that cause its not a good choice for V2 now.**

V2 Will still be free* The only thing you’ll have from paying are emotes from your favs subscribers and a different comment section, a more special one.


In twitch emotes are Good cause they can be used at live streaming. Do you think someone would use Emotes in Normal comment session?

Of course they will… because only people who pays will be able to use that comment section, it will be THEIR thing.

Well… I guess they will.

its the same concept as younow partners.

The platform is completely free, you can buy bars to support people,

BUT you can pay a subscription to have exclusive features, like a badge or an exclusive comment section or an exclusive chat room.

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Well lets see what others say about this.

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Exactly, I wouldn’t pay for things that aren’t necessary but there’s a lot of people who will.
As far as they feel special.

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If you have to pay to follow, people may not even use v2

It’s not pay to follow. You pay to subscribe.

As follower you can do everything as everyone.

As subscriber you can have special badges to put next to your name and a special comment section on your subscribed user’s videos.
Also the emotes.

ohh so you can purchase bars, but for people who dont purchase bars, is there a daily reward for them or they do programs to gain bars etc.

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I think the reason it works on twitch the way it does partly because those content creators are spending hours and hours performing for their viewers, and it’s more worth it for them to give $5 a month. Another reason is because since the money is given live, there is usually a notification that pops up and the caster is able to thank them and have their name up on the screen which is cool for the viewer to see. Following the person is definitely good for V2, but I’m not so sure about subscriptions. At least not in the way twitch does it. Maybe $1 a month could be worth it but not much more than that!

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I mean that’s a whole other topic. Like achievements and rewards for doing things in the app. Or for example:
If V2 is gonna promote a hashtag or a music video or something make missions about it such like

  • Make a video about the hashtag and earn 2 points.
  • Like and comment 5 videos and earn 1 point.

with those points they could get the emotes or bars.

Couldn’t that increase spam no?

You’re totally right. but is the only way I can see someone who can’t pay be able to get the emotes.

That’s why I suggested the special comment section so artists could reach to you easily

And most artists spend hours trying to make the perfect vine, subscribers and highest engaged or top gifters should have a section on the artists profile.

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