What I'd Hope To Achieve With byte

So let me start off by saying my ultimate goal in general in the Social Media industry is to make stellar content that would bring about a smile on the people who watch them, basically making their days a bit better.

My concern with Social Media:
There is however one thing that always bothered me and kept me on the low, and that’s the fact that not alot of creators from any country outside the main English speaking countries (America,UK,Australia) get the mass recognition.
its as if in order to succeed, you gotta make it to LA and stuff like that

I’m not quite sure as to what is the cause?

could it be lack of collabs in their respective countries? the language barrier?

an example person from the middle east who I believe has gained recognition in the west would be Mo Vlogs, but apart from him and his crew I couldn’t find anyone else

So due to all that^ I’m gonna try and attempt to put all my theories to rest as I take on byte and hope for the best, and to pray that one day, my content does reach the mass audience. And obviously not cus of the clout and money, that’s just the bonus. The real joy is making people’s day…and the more the merrier.

I’d love to hear your viewpoints on this! I personally think it could be some sort of algorithm coming into play


Honestly, I agree with the majority of points you have made. There’s been an influx of American/Brit/Aussie etc. citizens dominating the entertainment industry over the years. I feel as if influencers from outside an English-speaking country feel that they are being shunned out - and rightfully so. Just because English is a popular language, doesn’t mean people speaking other languages don’t deserve a chance.

But the real question is, how will byte overcome this? :thinking:


what if on byte there was a way to tag your language instead of region, so all people who speak it could watch?


That’s a good feature but what I’m concerned with is

English content being put out by non-english speakers.

And it not being recognized as much as the English speaking folks of the west


are you talking about thick accents?

if not, then instead of having “content from the US” you could have “content in english”

so like not region based, but language based


Hmmm something like that…yea


Honestly @Reallyahmed I get where you’re coming from. But from my perspective, I think it’s easier for an international personality to become popular in the states.(for example PewDiePie) Being able to speak two languages opens up more opportunities for you. As long as your CONTENT is being seen in the states you should be good. I think Byte will help establish yourself in the states. Also for Hollywood films you’ll be the “go-to guy” to play certain roles. You’re in a good niche👌

I know some Latino influencers who make both English and Spanish content.
Two countries are better than one.


True I thought about this as well.

I feel it’s crucial to be recognized in the US to be able to reach somewhere to further your career…be it Hollywood or elsewhere


Yeah you’re right. Eventually you’ll have to campaign in the U.S.


I don’t see the big deal about cultural barriers, or LA, or whatever. But, it is true that speaking English is helpful. You can be popular within China without knowing a single word of English, and there is nothing wrong with that. Likewise, many Chinese will never understand the content that we make. And that’s just life.

Psy, who wrote Gangnam Style, had no idea that his song would redefine the meaning of ‘viral’. It’s in Korean, a language that most people in our culture don’t speak. And yet Psy was, for a time, the number one cultural phenomenon in every English speaking country on Earth (and then some). You can’t fake this stuff, it happens or it doesn’t.

Now, I happen to like French and Latin, and I would like to say that I can become fluent in both. But, some would say that German is an equally good choice, as it’s the most popular language in Europe (and I really like German). Then again, Japanese is also useful. Etc. I guess the point is that you can’t know everything, and you can’t please everyone. :slight_smile:


I just want to meet the people I befriended on here cause they really have a place in my heart.


You definitely don’t have to go to LA to “make it”. I know what you’re saying though and I agree but English is the most spoken language in the world so it will be difficult for people of other languages to get the spotlight but that doesn’t mean they won’t. They all will find niches and hopefully become popular within that niche :blush:


Tbh you are right, super hard to get noticed if you do not speak English. English is an international language wherever you go… if you know English than you are sorted. We shouldn’t take it for granted us the people who have learned or know English are extremely lucky and can prosper from an industry such a social media… especially if you know English


Same here, I know a lot of Mexicans like Juanpa Zurita that are well know as influencers, but for example he’s super famouse because he also make conent in english.
I don’t think moving to LA is the only solution to be a big influencer (I know that you are not saying that is the only solution).

However for example someone like me that want to be an influencer to then become an actor, I think moving to LA is crucial bacuse is the best place to be an artist

(sorry if you don’t get the point)


Do you ! I’m excited to just make a positive impact on Byte #ByteFam


Once you’re established in byte and gain popularity in the states, I really don’t see anything slowing you down as long as you continue to make quality content.


Yep I agree with this 100%


Same my man! That’s what I truly believe aswell


Language indeed is a strong barrier.
For example, I’m able to be more creative and funny in Spanish mainly because that’s my maternal language but right now at the forums and on the discord I need to speak in English, language which I understand really good but obviously not on the same level as Spanish; and I see that as some sort of disadvantage.

We can still make it and be da bomb on byte but I at least need to make a bigger effort to have content in both languages


Well, here in Brazil, old viners only had reach with Portuguese speaking people (nothing very far from Portugal) because we are the only country in South America that does not speak Spanish we stay in a barrier that prevents us of having a greater reach, I think that an alternative to this is to be able to use subtitles in Bytes