What Headphones?

What headphones does everyone use, just curious for some ideas?
I use some cheap Panasonic ergofit buds (I usually loose them so didn’t spend much) :laughing:

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I use my random skullcandy ones, wish they had a better mic. Want to purchase beats

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Always wondered if the beats were worth the money? Never had chance to try them.

Most likely overpriced, need to check if they even have a mic

I hope so at the price they are :laughing:

I use Sony mdr-xb950bt, you can find em on eBay for $50-ish dollars

Extra bass?

Beats are highly overpriced, you mostly are paying for the name. i’m also DJ and i tested alot of different headphones and so far the beats are not good quality, i mean Apple Earphones that come free with an iphone sound better by fair. i highly recommend those!

My friend bought airpods AND lost em

i was saying the wired ones. yeah so far thats a major issue, maybe apple will make a “find my airpods” well technically there is one but it needs to be connect in order for it to find it, so that doesnt relly help

That sucks :worried:

@Mwilkinson16 The whole idea of having to keep track of air pods terrifies me, I know they’d be gone within a week for me

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I loose headphones all the time, I wouldn’t trust myself with them

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Yeah, the bass is super nice

yeah, it doesnt help that they are expensive. but if you are looking for headphones like i said the apple wired ones sound so killer,. the bass is actaully really good for earbuds

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side note i also found an app that will find blue tooth devices by the IP adress and it will show u how far away u are from it. but you still need to be connected to it. So many great ideas with such big cons…

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actually i just remember these headphones sound really good, and they are actually durable for the price https://www.solrepublic.com/tracks-hd2.html

I use V-moda Crossfade. Expensive. But really good quality

I use my Solo Beats… I want the rose gold beats tho

Idk, I change them when I break them so i never chose one specifically, I always take a random one