What has Happened to Byte App?

It’s been Long time Since I Used this App?

I Do NOT Know what has Happened to the Server that was Kept Byte App Videos & Music things alive. as of December 2020 Everythings be gone. the Byte App’s Explore Page (Noting/Pitch Black/No Contents).
main page with videos (Either All Crashed or Crashed Byte Accounts not showing any signs of music or Video Contents). There Profile Pictures are Pitch Black like (4K Pure Pitch Black Wallpaper) noting to Enjoy.

I ask. What has Really Happened to the Byte App? For Real?
Does Fellow Byte Creators know what’s going on to the apps server or Status of it?

if so Tell what has happened in course of this year with this app so messed up in during 2020?

anyways, this was Sarivr Husky and I’m Out.

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This sounds like a bug since everything is working fine for me

well, guess it’s my Android Smartphone or is it Android side of this App?

like I know most 95% of yo owns an iPhone (Apple, Inc. Device?)

On Android it’s weird the UI/UX of the app and text is not loading Correctly? no Videos Showing up, and Continue Button (Skip Setup Button) isn’t working Properly?

Delete and reinstall the app, that should work

Bro stop yelling I’m trying to sleep lol

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okay. but that is just a Bold Text you know I’m not screaming. Just Generous.

well, I did and it isn’t working still. so, I think what I need to do is get a new Galaxy Smartphone.
I guess it’s my Current Galaxy Smartphone that’s doing this weird thing in background processes i guess.
(now I think about it this can be a Solution for me.)

Haha yeah I know I was just joking

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Yeah, Okay then :3