What happens now

Due to doms new news we should start a engagement group for all our Instagrammers and youtubers so we can help each other out.


im down. my instagram is @6lackhart

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@wheeliereid_31 Now, I need to get my phone back before I can use instagram DM’s. I don’t currently have my phone, so gg.

@tyrellangusss on instagram.

@thekinghusker on IG and Twitter.

changing to Promote Yourself

Hihidia 8char

Its simply too late on those platforms i’m sorry to say, thats why we were all drawn to V2 because it would provide us with a well known platform where people like us without a real following could have a decent shot but now its impossible to get noticed in those platforms without a fanbase…

@isabelroobles on instagram

Follow me, I’ll follow you back

@lashan_r on Instagram