What happens now with the Beta?

Welp, the “choosing people for the beta” list is over. What happens now?

I had to say I have an Iphone 4 because my Iphone 5 is broken and I will be getting the six at Xmas, so idk if it will be compatible.

But what happens now, do people get emails saying they got a chance to test the beta now or later? And how does it work?


When they decide the beta is ready I suppose people will get emails… honestly not sure what happens next but I’m sure in time we’ll get more info! Got to be patient


We wait now


There’s going to be a lot of things happening, whether or not we see it; all based around beta.

As we know already, beta is currently active for the family/friends; of Dom (and the byte team). Dom made the first beta signup which was hosted on the forums. The eligible users from that signup will be the first users admitted to the 1st round of beta. The second signup was hosted by Cami as well as another posted on Twitter by the app. They (I assume) will be the second wave admitted.

As the team works on patching and finishing up the bugs found by the “very closed” beta will be patched before we get access. We will be waiting for Dom and the team to prepare the app for us.

I also think there will be one or two more beta sign ups. :wink:

Feel free to DM me more questions on here or Discord. slxr#0001

p.s As long as you have the adequate IOS update on your iPhone, you will be fine.


Ok, you need to chill…lol…:sweat_smile:

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So those signed up in the third beta sign are gonna be in the 2nd/3rd wave?


I don’t think the iPhone 4 can even run ios 12, so you might not be able to run it. It depends on what updates the byte team allows the app to be compatible with.

Dnt need iOS 12