What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

Hahahaha lol

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idk but that’s a painful way for living forever

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if you divide by two you’ll never get to 0

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Well, it also depends on how soon the two scares happen.

If they are back to back, then you get scared half to death, then half of half is 1/4, so you are 1/4 alive.

You might revive and recover health, so if you get scared half to death and then you recover a bit, so that you are 2/3 alive, then half of that is 1/3, so you still are 1/3 alive.

Or “to death” could be a non changing value, so half means the exact same no matter how alive you are, in which case you would be dead.

Very deep thought. I shall have to meditate at length and maybe if my mind is still running I will have an answer.


harvard wants to know your location


I’m not good at math but I’m guessing a very scared dead person would happen. :joy::rofl::skull:
OR getting scared “half to death” is just an expression. whichever one doesn’t involve math. lol

You get reincarnated as your astrology sign


Well, math finds its way to everything😂

Thats even deeper than my question lol


Mental zombie lol

OR! You finally get granted your spirit animal lol

True lol