What happens after V2?

Hey guys.

I literally cannot wait until V2 comes out but like most people, after V2 I would love to do youtube and that kinda stuff… (if you know, I get a good amount of following)! But what would you do after ■■■■■■?? Would you want to expand your audience?



After v2 I’m gonna continue living life. :v:t3:


fr tho I’m gonna transfer my following to YouTube if I get big enough. Hopefully I can be successful there too. I would continue doing V2 though.

Hey, one idea may be to start with youtube already, and try to grow there and then they will send the followers to v2, and from there you can grow on both platforms, why wait? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If it does not work, then you can start on v2 with the plan you had.

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It’s so hard to get noticed on YouTube now. Hours of content are uploaded every minute, so my chances of making it are much better on V2.

Imma just live on V2 forever so when y’all move on to other platforms plz come back and visit :heh:


Probably going to remain on V2.

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Dom posted a link to a previous Viner’s story of what she accomplished after Vine. She went on to other platforms and continued growing to get herself known

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Actually I already have a YouTube and Instagram that I post singing videos, animation, and sometimes cosplay! Hopefully I can combine that with v2 and see where it takes me!

For all of you saying, “I’m going to transfer my following to YouTube”

Why not just start a YT channel now? There is no reason to wait for V2.


I want to become a Director. I will make a feature film. I’m Serious. No joke.

Idk, be a normal man

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I believe in you! The world needs more good directors that write captivating stories!

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Thank you!

I’ll probably just end up staying on v2

I would just live life