What happened to IGTV?

Instagram was hyping it as a youtube killer! But it flops I feel like?
I don’t really know why cause I already hate instagram in the first place.
Why do you think instagram, the 2nd most powerful video app in the world, flopped when giving people a new platform?
It’s just more liberty, why won’t you take it?

My bet is imposing vertical video:
a big big mistake that made any filmaker cringe the f out of it for ever. Vertical video is denying every rules of cinematography & it’s kinda awkward. It was fun to see people try for the first week tho.
Like Smosh tried cutting their video into 2 squares & putting the one on top of the other, it was very clever actually but it just didn’t work as well as horizontal video.
It’s a phone you can turn it however you want, why would they do that?
Even in movies, rule number 1 is you should put everything important in or next to the square in the middle. That’s from tv being square before, you just had this square & so they developped a entire art around it.

But whadaya think?


I don’t think vertical video had anything to do with it. Vertical videos right now are a thing, like on Spotify for promotional mv. To me is more of a UI problem with igtv, it is horrible.

Igtv was a great idea, amazing! I hope they change it in the future and it takes over.


Well, I like YouTube and think it could be awesome again, but I think what you said was pretty right! Vertical video, in a a way, is like it’s own distinct style of cinematography!


In all honesty, instagram is absolutely great BUT youtube is the king. The way that big platforms like this die out is when it becomes old or stale or people find something else similar. Thats not happening for a long time because youtube will attract the big stars who get views as they have the money. Instagram is great for sharing photos and videos, but its not youtube. Its just not a platform for longer videos.


But if YouTube keeps going the way it is, it will lose the crown! :upside_down_face:


I hate instagram so much, it feels like such a step back from what the internet was doing, it was like blogs > people expressing themselve freely for the first time ever
Videos> people being what they really are on screen for the first time ever
Instagram> people taking picture and not saying anything interesting really, just casual mediocrity.
It’s like trash tv that you watch to feels less alone but in magazine form. Really weird, I don’t get it.
I’m honestly surprised that it got this far when it was nearly dead 2 years ago.

But I feel like youtube is at point where if it fucked up big times, creators will unite & create their own youtube!
They are already doing that in a way, smosh has it’s site, roosterteeth has too!
It’s like they’re preping for the apocalypse.
Before youtube, people were on website like newgrounds & stuff.

It all comes down to youtube prenium,
if people subscribe to it, one of the biggest website of the internet will be free of the power of advertisers. This means they can let people do whatever, like they used to, while paying them a % of what subscriber pay each month, which is like way more than advertisers are paying anyway.
That will be a new golden age of youtube!

But if not, more & more youtuber’s youtube are going to come out & then youtube won’t be a priority for those creators.

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I am also shocked at how alot of my.followrs have no idea what IGTV even is. Perhaps they lacked the proper promotion of it


There’s a thing in design called Flexibility trade-off.

Basically it means that the more unique functions something has, the less effective it is at each individual thing. A swiss army knife is a perfect example. 20+ tools for a wide variety of situations, but if you’re trying to cook dinner you’d much rather use a kitchen knife than a swiss army knife, since a kitchen knife is built for that specific use.

Instagram was initially designed for image sharing, and it is really good at that. However, the more they try to incorporate, like IGTV, the more functions it attempts to perform.

People would rather watch youtube than IGTV. swiss army knive vs. kitchen knife.


What if IGTV got the monetisation system of early youtube tho (1 $ per 1000 views, so 1 million is 1000 dollars) do you think that will be enough to push creators to it?
I feel like they’re testing that on facebook & stuff. I mean it’s not unsualble just I don’t see why I would.

They need to create something worth it, money is a easy bet, but what else could they offer to make it better?

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Yea all my friends have no clue what it is, people either didn’t notice or didn’t care. The problem stems from one of 2 things in my opinion,

  1. Lack of promotion: I just updated and skipped all the crap about IGTV because I just wanted to see my feed. They should’ve promoted it before when people are actually bothered to take interest in my opinion.

  2. Its Instagram ffs, imagine if v*** was videos for how long you wanted them. It would make no sense as youtube owns that department. This is the exact same situation here, IGTV is instagram trying to be something their not.

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IG tv was a great idea, but they didn’t have the resources nor creative talent behind it to push it.

You must do all this weird stuff to get your video perfect for it to be vertical and the demand isn’t really there.

The idea of making a solid product is making executions or things easier, IGtv did the opposite.


It definitely flopped when i use instagram i pay no attention to igtv i legit was scared for youtube when it was first being hyped up but its not what i thought it was gonna be

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It’s not as popular as it was expected to be.