What happened in byte in January and February?

Hey guys. I think a lot of you know me around here by now but I just had a question about byte history. I had access to the beta but never really used it, and when I saw the full launch announcement in March I finally joined you guys here.

So where byte is now, the most popular users get around 2k views and 300 likes, and we’ll know users get 300-500 views and 100 likes as typical numbers.

Then I saw the post with the most popular bytes all time and occasionally show up on the feed still, from January and February that had millions of views and 10s of thousands of likes.

Can anyone tell me what happened around that time to now? Was there some kind of release I missed back then and most users just didn’t stick around?

AGAIN - this is just a byte history question, I’m not even getting to discussions about “is that app dead now?” Blah blah


app came out. people go yay. people try it. they like. they forgot/ they left. life happens. less likes. they’ll come back. just vibe.


dis deep

I miss the old squad :sob: back when it used to be popping

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I think I also remember that at some point, rebytes were nerfed to prevent rebyte groups from being rebyte groups.


The app launched in January, and the app had nearly 3 millions downloads (I think), so lots of the videos being posted then were getting lots more likes and views than they do now. There were also tons of bots that appeared on the app at the time which artificially inflated some of those numbers, but they’ve since been removed.