What Grade Y'all In?

I’m in 10th grade how bout y’all :joy::crazy_face:

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College (lucky me)


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Sophomore in high school not college :no_mouth:

12th grade

I’m in the end of my sophomore year in college


Junior in high school, I do not know how it’s named there, I’m 16

UK Year 10 (I think it’s Grade 9 in the US but I could be wrong, it’s ages 14-15)

Yeah that’s 9th grade here in the States.

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I’m in 10th grade. Btw why do I feel like V2 is just a bunch of 15 year olds trying to get famous?

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Maybe because how musically has a majority of a younger audience, and now there will be a new app to take over

Also though, with topics here asking how old everyone is it’s basically most people around that age :stuck_out_tongue:

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Me Too!!

I just graduated from High School 2k17 going to College in the Fall

Im in 9th and im so done with being a freshman :expressionless:

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university mate


10th grade

I’m not in any grade, I feel so old :laughing:


Last phase of my 11th grade

You mean 1st pu???!

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