What fires did the Byte spark light?

I was thinking about posting this before the Clash acquisition. Now, with the imminent closure of the forums, it seems even more important. I’ve gotten sentimental about how much this community meant to me in several places, and I meant it. This community has been incredible. Thank you all. I want to keep in touch with as many of you as possible, even if I fought with you on the forums. :smile:

I know for a lot of us, Byte was the initial spark that led to us creating regularly or it was a spark that revived our creative fire. Even before the Clash announcement, I was sad that I no longer see so many of the great creators that brought so much wonder, joy, and love to my year. If they’re still creating, I want to see it!

So, whether you’ve moved on from Byte or you’re sticking with it through the transition, I want to know if it led to any other creative endeavors. I know some people went on to pour their energy into TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, IRL art, and tons of other stuff. I know we all hope to see Kevin again on more than our phones.

Are you still creating, and if so, where can I find it? Please share anywhere you’re still making content so I can keep seeing what you’re doing! And if you’re aware of a creator who doesn’t come to the forums or app anymore but they’re still creating elsewhere, let us know where we can find them!


Definitely can’t wait to see Kevin on a billboard!:joy: but yeah nah I’m creating my art on @shapingspace_


Thanks for sharing! I love your art style!

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After vine died I just kind of left that part of me behind and missed it but just a few months before byte was made public I had started doing standup again and hearing byte was coming to a full realease had me excited to take another shot at short form video.

Standup has been on hold for the pandemic and that’s been fine for me since byte has really helped me get back into a creative flow I had lost.

I really wish the creators who had been on byte before me had stuck around. I always wonder if real life got in the way or they moved on or just lost the will. So many creative flames were snuffed out on byte and that’s sad to see. The people who ive created with have expanded my horizons and I wish so many more were still around.

I hope clash can provide a unique platform that holds itself to a higher standard than it previously has, but I am creating every where I can and continue to do so as long as it’s within reason


I was super stoked for Byte because I missed the Vine train. Unfortunately in the past year I have only made a select handful of Bytes. When it comes to making content I have so many ideas. I am awash with ideas. Critically M O I S T with ideas. But I can’t seem to get myself to make anything. My Twitch channel is languishing in limbo, gone over a year without a podcast and I have wholly gave up on my YouTube dreams

My problem is, I sink into these mindsets where I don’t want to be seen or heard for months on end. Especially if I am not confident in my production quality. So, I don’t produce anything. And yet, my fetid carcass remains BLOATED with ideas. It’s really quite stressful. Since I started school again I have felt chronically overwhelmed, so this may be the cause.

I fear I may have missed the boat again… Clash is another chance to get it right I suppose

I’m gonna get tested for ADHD and see if that’s the source of these issues. It sure would be nice to be productive for once


Byte was great at first. Really engaged people and the community was a lot of fun and very supportive. I’m not really sure what happened that made me fall out of love with it - but something did and it just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I tried to come back but the longer videos killed the spark for me completely as it just felt like a Tik Tok copycat at that point.

For me though it was the opportunity to produce stupid little videos like I always had wanted to do without fear of judgement from friends. This has led to me streaming on Twitch, which im still pretty new to, but still loving it. If you’re interested it’s AaronGodfrey on twitch :slight_smile:


Byte was fun those 2 years of waiting for the app. Once it released there were many highs and many lows. Was so exciting in the beginning but the app kinda gave some fair reasons to leave :confused: somewhere around the summer i began falling out of love with byte but i am thankful for the opportunities it created. My art skills and even showing others my drawings wasnt really something ive ever done so its a great spark of creativity and confidence to post art that was great to discover. Even though i stopped using the app the confidence to post more art wouldnt have happened without byte/v2 and this community. Ive done some commissions aaaaahhh and posted some on coub and ngl im considering putting my bytes on youtube in a compilation :eyes: but we’ll see :pleading_face: idk if I’ll be part of this clash takeover but its been a great experience and 3 years.


Genuinely feel the same man. The thing that helps me when making videos is going into it prior with the mindset of purposely not posting it on anything. Just to make a video and save it on my camera roll. It makes it be more about the fun i have doing it rather than the response i recieve. Then later i just randomly decide to upload it. Helps with nerves or motivation to HAVE to produce content :slight_smile:


It resparked my love for sharing poetry, encouraged me to get out and hike again, sparked my interest in baking/cooking more interesting things instead of just for sustenance, has given me so much support and love.
You are part of that, as are countless other folks.
More than that, it made me feel comfortable expressing my love for things online, and has given me a fair few friends I hope to hold onto indefinitely.

I’m on insta as gwynerso for my poetry and (bad) art, a lot of which is DC fan art. Gwynniepeg is my nature/personal. I have a third fitness insta I rarely use if anybody wants that too. I’ve finally given in on the tiktok front- and am gwynerso there- same baking/nature/cottagecore/hiking vibes I did on byte. If clash were to actively comment and present steps to fix their mockery and mistreatment of women expressing discomfort, I’d be willing to come back, but as it stands.
It hurts. I really wanted byte to be it.


byte brought us all together. That’s pretty inspiring itself. I’ve seen so many friendships and relationships come from here. The passion from you guys made me keep going and posting as much as I can. It may not have been the home run we were all hoping for but I’m grateful to have met everyone of you. Not sure what will happen with the new changes but I want to wish you guys the best.

Although I’ve been mostly lurking around byte as of lately :leaves::leaves::wave::eyes::leaves::leaves: I still create content over at YouTube (My channel is also called KinglyNerd) (viewer discretion) and I apply everything I’ve learned from byte. Heck, I even managed to post some of my bytes to my channel to fine pretty good success.

That being said, I want to thank byte for getting me out my comfort zone and allowing me to become a better version of myself. Can’t wait to see what the future has for us.


waitttttTtttt WHATS GOING ON???

hey yall probably forgot of my existence and same tbh but i dont use byte anymore i use tiktok so go follow me on there @soupyaep

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I feel a lot more confident about creating content in general.

As for where I’ll be posting next, I don’t know :man_shrugging: .


Byte sparked my internal confidence, broke a mental barrier and squashed a stereotype I’ve suffered forever! Always being told by family and peers pft stick to academia, Asians are good at that was a huge reason why I never created vids and posted em publicly.

I tried Tiktok before Byte was released but still felt shackled. Byte was a beautiful fresh canvas and it just blew away all those worries and negative thoughts around being an Asian creator! I still create vids and post on my Byte and @thegoofhouse Byte, but Uni has gotten v v busy. I tend to post Insta Reels @neefyneefyy


Thanks for sharing, everyone! I’ve followed in the places I’m active. I’m not on Tiktok yet, but I’m going to cave to that soon.

I had a blast making short, funny videos. My friends and I did that all the time on old-school vhs tapes. lol It was nice to flex that creativity again and Byte made me want to just make stuff again. I want to get back into short videos again, but my current focus is Twitch. I’ve been streaming on Twitch for a while now, also @ stillinflux. I consistently finish Apex Legends seasons in the top 4% of competitive players, so check it out if you’re into that.

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Same here Neefy! Byte has really undone a lot of knots for me and I have gained a bit more confidence in myself. I think I have found a few missing pieces, or parts I may have left behind unknowingly.

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I’m still waiting for this to happen to me, but I think there is something else still in the way before I can have this breakthrough

Ask yourself if you are unhappy. Ask yourself when you had a good (and hysterical) peel of laughter. When was the last time you vandalized a banana in a grocery store by secretly sketching a hidden message for someone to discover hours later?

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Ever since vine died I moved to both Instagram and Youtube to post my anime edits. I used to be active back then but I haven’t made many posts since 2019…You can follow me there tho :confused:

My Instagram: @__ moondxst__ https://www.instagram.com/__ moondxst__/
My Youtube: @Aranza Morelos Aranza Morelos - YouTube
My Soundcloud: @moondxst moondxst | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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