What else could this be? Seeking Critiques

yes, I’m a small account-barley above 100 followers and i was blown away when one of mine got 30 likes with no rebyte (that I know of). I’m a bad judge and so are my friends, though most of them have said they like all/most of my videos are at least a bit cringy. Honest opinion, is it good, bad, potential-do my sketches have anything to them or should I focus on capturing Live incidents and hoping to get a quote able byte?
I know slow growth is key, but I literally haven’t grown in the past two days at all.
Is my new content somehow worse than my old?


I haven’t watched your stuff yet (I’m at work but I will when I’m off)
But if you’re above 100 followers that’s great! Much better than some people even! Have you been on byte since the beginning or just the past 2 days?
When I started, my stuff felt weird and cringy too. Once I got into the groove of thinking of content, my bytes got much better.

Don’t feel discouraged. Everyone grows at their own pace. :slight_smile:


Hey man!

First off, your “Questions of the Universe” byte was hilarious.

Secondly, don’t get discouraged. Not trying to sound cliched, but it really does take time. But that doesn’t mean you’re just sitting around and waiting. Go surfing through the other videos. Not just the top 10 in trending. Reach out and talk to people. Don’t just like something - think about why exactly you like it. It’s like getting fuel in your tank for new ideas. My newer bytes are quite different than my older ones. Don’t be afraid to switch things up. I guarantee you that every single top Byter here started the same way, and have made one or two videos they can’t stand anymore (or like…a dozen in my case.)

For me personally the harder I think about something the worse the idea is. Never forget that, yes, followers and views are great - but is that the main reason you create something? Yeah - we all like getting new followers and blowing up is cool - but you’ve got to have enough built up in your toolbox so you can maintain that success, you know? If you burn yourself out focusing solely on numbers you’re going to drive yourself insane. This is about feeding and nurturing your own creativity and connecting with others. Well…it is for me at least.

Keep pushing forward. Keep making stuff. Keep asking for advice. Don’t get discouraged!


Not since the beginning, not the past two days, I joined just short of two weeks ago, thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice! Questions of the Universe is definitely one I know of I ever get another idea, as long as it’s good enough and doesn’t run stale, I might be able to do again, but it won’t be for awhile, I have other bits.