What drew you to Byte?

I never intended to post on the forums, but I’m so impressed with the interface of it I’m compelled to come here for that alone lol. Though I also love seeing the community here being so positive and forward thinking, a nice change of pace from my FB/text groups that are always arguing with each other over the most trivial things and tearing each other down.

Anyways I’m the manager for the page legendofzia. I’m Zia’s fiancee, and I pretty much do everything besides act in them; brainstorming ideas, directing, editing, posting etc. It’s a relationship that’s worked for us because she’s an actress and would prefer if I handled the production side of the skits, and I enjoy being the director/producer. Funny enough she herself is really busy with her own work at a production studio. One thing I wish I was better at is replying back to comments. When I see one my first instinct is never to reply back to it lol, often I have to force myself to. It’s just how I am, I’m pretty bad at texting my family and friends too. If I don’t feel obligated to reply to something I won’t, and I’ve rubbed my friends off the wrong way, shrugs

Vine when it first came out proved to be the best outlet for my insomnia, something I’ve been suffering from since college. Often I’m up all night either watching Family Guy or coming up with all these scenarios in my head in a vain attempt to sleep. Vine helped me channel these thoughts into skits and unlocked a creative side to myself I never knew I had. I was bummed out when it first shut down and tried transitioning it into facebook/instagram/twitter/snapchat, but it just wasn’t the same. Soooooo happy when I found out they came out with Byte.

Anyways, what’s your story?


I missed vine, plain and simple. Some of my favorite creators came from there, they were so funny. And I missed my chance to upload due to being insecure back then, but I got so ingrained in the vine style of comedy that I had ideas writen down for ages… but I didn’t dare actually make them. And I regretted it a lot.

So I was drawn to the idea of getting that feeling from vine back. Sad to say that right now I’m not getting that feel from the app. Vine used to be full of people having fun and exploring their creativity, and now I see mostly reposts of other sites and people begging for clout… but I’m still hoping!


Yeah I know what you mean. Vine I don’t think ever intended to form into the cultural sensation it did, at least in that way. It’s still finding its feet, maybe in another month :slight_smile:


vine longing :vine:


this guy


Honestly it’s they’re whole concept of creativity first.

I know it’s their tagline but the whole app and community really does feel built around that idea. Whenever I’m trying to explain the difference between T*ktok and Byte, I normally call it a breath of fresh air. It just feels rewarding to use whether you’re posting, interacting with the community, or seeing people’s original ideas.


it was just something new to try so i was thought to myself hey way not give it a try :smiley:


v2 tweet


I’ve been waiting for it for three years and knew that I wanted to be successful on it and have been planning videos and writing down ideas for three years. I have had a very rough life and me thinking of ideas and creativity took me out of what I had been going through during the three years. When I lost hope I would always remember that the app was gonna come out one day and would go outside and write ideas down and just had hope it’s gonna work out for me.


I missed :vine: after YouTube it was the first social media i really used. When it ended i regretted not making more vines since i only watched. :sweat_smile: But when Dom tweeted v2 i thought it was cool, but i didnt join the forums until May. It was pretty cool and now i spam hype for byte every single day. Because i really am hyped 4 this app being out. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I didn’t think much of vine when I was a kid, it was popping off and the people there where really funny, I even tried to make some a couple of times but my vines weren’t anything special. It was years later that the nostalgia flare appeared and the youtube algorithm really pushed random vine compilations into my recommended. While I knew them already it really convinced me about how fun it seemed to make and be part of said community. But people moved on, and I started to think, “I want to make content now but I don’t
have the time, what if I just made vines on twitter or something” searching on google for anything resembling a vine copy, I found this article talking about “V2” and I immediately joined the then recently open forums and got into the community.

The rest of my time before I got into the beta was just me lurking, occasionally responding to threads I found interesting, and talking smack on the community discord.
I got to know the names of peeps, saw their stuff, got legitimately invested on the community as a whole.
And at this point, it just feels like the norm to make bytes and comment on peeps, hang out in the discord and forums.

I’m invested on this just as much as I’ve been watching youtube for most of my life.

I sincerely think people romanticize the past to much since it’s easier to remember the good times than the bad ones. We are wired that way, so if anybody feels like “it’s not the same” I think, that’s the whole point. Byte has their own people, and we are trying to form into something, I’m not sure what, but I hope it doesn’t have the Instagram/tiktok reputation :sweat_smile:.

I just hope we all have a good time.


tumblr post: “hey guys look v*** 2 just came out and its called byte, quick its only been a few hours so theres still plenty of good usernames”

me: “aw fuck yeah”



…uh, FIRST


Vine and YouTuber. I wanted to be a Viner but I had a trash camera and I was focus more on school. I looked up to a lot of viners and motivate me to do it but didn’t have the time.

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one of my best friends works for Byte, and she’s never steered me wrong :slight_smile:

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As with most people, I missed Vine a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to laugh with Vine compilations on YouTube, but I missed making my own ones. So when I saw a Twitter highlight that byte was coming out, I was like, ‘THE TIME IS NOW’, downloaded it immediately and here we are. I’m sure my time here will be very enjoyable!


I never got the opportunity to do Vine. But once I knew how Vine worked, I felt bad that I missed out on something pretty cool.

I’ve been waiting a good three years to make these kind of videos – and the wait has paid off, in my opinion!

I’ve never enjoyed making creative content on any social media platform more than I have on byte.


Fashion icon. Like no other designer

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Honestly, at the beginning stage, I wanted to test new cool app only. I know @dom can make cool app.

And then I noticed the app is so cool and I can create fun contents… Now I am more focusing on creating fun contents.