What does Popularity mean to you?

What does it mean to you?


Nothing🤷🏻‍♀️ I prefer having a few friends which I’m close to but also be on good terms with everyone else.

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Popularity to me would be someone saying my name and people building conversations off of mutual knowledge of me💁🏽‍♀️

I know it’s pretty vain but atleast I’m honest


If I grew “popular” I would use it for activism and peoples education rights tbh (which is something im VERY passionate about), but if I didn’t I’ll just be happy cause got people laughing. I hope it happens though… I wanna change this world for the better and be a leader rather than wanting people “obsessing” and “being a fan” of me, but to those who want that I have nothing against you, people should follow their dreams regardless of what other people think :+1:


Nothing. To me popular people are so stupid and ask for attention. I have 3 bestfriends. One who lives about 100km away from me aND I mis her like crazy and 2 who are guys and are the best. I’m not popular. I don’t want to be. I just like how I am now.

It means that people want to be around me and that must mean that some of my jokes are landing properly which is good!! Not the most important thing but it’s nice to be known!

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YES, but what defines popularity, in your opinion?

It means that the people around me take it for advantage getting the most likes and it’s always a battle. To Me it just means thag they are sad teenagers who don’t have any real friends and are only popular because they are “pretty” by caking kn make up or have a muscled out body.

Ohhh wait are we talking about “high school popular” cause I’m not “popular” but I have a general liking by people (like I can talk to anyone in the grade and not have them feel disgusted by me WHICH I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS CAUSE THEY ARE MY FRIENDS WORDS NOT MINE). To me popular is just an excuse for someone to say that they are better than someone else cause of their “prettiness”. Which i think is stupid :clap:t2:CAUSE​:clap:t2:EVERYONE​:clap:t2:IS​:clap:t2:EQUAL​:clap:t2:

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It means having a say in things and building a community for the sole purpose of entertaining others with light having to sacrifice my dignity… hmm.

to me popularity just means a lot of people know you and want to be around you. to be popular i don’t think you need to be well liked / viewed positively, often times you could just have clout/go viral/people like u for superficial reasons. personally i don’t think people should thrive for popularity they should thrive for genuine, quality connections

Honestly nothing, I’m the type of person who is better on their own and will come to people when I need to