What does Byte mean to you?

Im just curious and i wanna know what does Byte mean to you?

For me me this is a place where i get to be myself. To be honest with you i get to be more me online then i can in real life. This is a place where i post what comes to mind and people are just like namaste and keep on scrolling, no second thoughts or holy shit you’re wired. I remember 13 year old me scrolling on Vine after school, or at lunch break with friends to see who could find the best video. I did post a few videos too and although they weren’t popular vids i remember them like the back of my hand. I even remember the first vine I liked and that was how many years ago?? That’s how much of an impact it had on me. It was the first social media i ever had, so for it to be back in what feels surreal if I’m being honest with you. now that 7 years have past and Byte starts with the nostalgia of Vine but where you go from there is up to you. I’m 20 now and I now know a lot more things about creating (editing, and over all planning and realizing a vision i have in my head). For the first time I feel like a creator when i post on Byte, unlike TikTok where I feel like just another dude that posted something. I’ve accomplished more on this app then i realistically thought i was possible for me and what i was capable of and I know it’s still just the beginning. There’s nothing I like more then when i post and i’m like ‘’ that’s the one, that’s my best one yet’’ then looking at the it again in a month or 2 then be like ‘‘yikes :grimacing:I was proud of that at one point :joy:’’ then start thinking on where i can improve again. I want and know Byte will be a big part of my life and, whatever happens to it next doesn’t matter cause I know it already is. Heck I’ve even met so many new people that I consider to my friends, you know who you are lol :wink:.

So what does this app mean to you? It’s one of those answers that will always change and that’s ok. Now I wanna hear from you what are you goals on this app and what does it mean to you at this very moment?


For me, byte is a place where I can Express my sense of humor in a 6 second video :joy:


I like to be honest with my answers so I apologize in advance if this makes me look bad lol. The truth is I did not understand the medium of social networking and the potential it can have. I think successful Viners ended up where they are now because they truly did it for the fun of it and enjoyed the process. They weren’t after something else (money and recognition). I try NOT to be after something else, but it is hard to avoid it. I am not shy around a camera and I was voted Class Clown and Most Likely to Brighten Your Day at my high school. I feel like I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t give things a shot.

HOWEVER, with all of that said, what I have found so far with Byte is that the wrong desires are not at the forefront of my thinking. I am thoroughly enjoying the community aspect that you really can’t find elsewhere and let’s be honest- creating 6 second videos is a blast compared to making a 10-minute YouTube video. If you make a 6 second Byte and it bombs, no big deal. If you make a 10-minute YouTube video and it bombs, you start to wonder if you should be spending more time on reality than ambition.

With all that said, to me Byte means two main things at this point and time: 1) Collaborative efforts and friendships and 2) Opportunity if you are genuine and enjoy the process


To me, Byte’s just fun af. It’s pretty much a constant challenge every time to fit a particular type of content into 6 seconds. Designing content for 6 seconds vs 15 seconds vs 1 minute vs 10 minutes is incredibly different and I’ve come to appreciate that.


To me, byte is a place where I can be weird. I can make what ever I want. How I want it. And I have to work hard to fit the 6.5 second time


a place to laugh and a place to have fun. it cuts right to the point.


Byte is love, Byte is life


It is a place for me to create and connect, and I’ve definitely enjoyed my time here, the community is awesome!


For me byte is a place to just let me show my art work and push myself more. Like since byte ive gotten more confident with showing some of my drawings and now am even getting paid someone for drawings now. :pleading_face: its amazing and such a confident boost hope more people get back into the app tho. Its nice to see the app grow. :heart:


I love that! I feel the same way it’s like just that little extra push that you need to keep you motivated and keep working on your craft.

and they will in due time thought so for now keep practicing so when they come you’ll be the best you, you can possibly be! :grin:

It means



A place I can show my sense of humor 100% and know most people have a similar sense of humor. I feel like most people can joke around so easily because we know we all understand each others humor. Which makes it a kind of escape because I withhold some of that humor with my family and I’m shy irl so it takes a long time usually before I am close enough with a friend to be myself all the time. Even more of an escape now because I’m quarantined back at home and can’t socialize irl with friends. So it’s nice to have friends from byte to connect with.

And also it’s a fun creative outlet and challenge to try and fit something in 6.5 seconds which I love bc I have a short attention span lol.


Byte Means A lot to me. For one, I first joined w the intent to share my singing and my songwriting w as many people as possible. It quickly became eso much more when I started making friends. I wasn’t jsut here for to “spread my singing and songwriting” anymore. I wake up and genuinely love to see what the day will be like. I’m always overwhelmed with so many emotions but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I’m always looking forward to what’s next. My mom said that since I’ve been on byte, she hasn’t heard me say that I’ve been bored and that says a lot because I used to ALWAYS BE BORED. Byte has over all changed my life in many ways than I could ever be able to list. It’s not “fame” I’m far from famous like for realsies lol! I’m just the jingle boy and unstable queen! But it’s changed my life because I feel like what I’m doing has some sort of other validation besides myself. Having others support you and your content is this feeling of just joy and accomplishment and it makes me want to continue to do what I’m doing here on byte. We all got a good thing going and the more people I meet, the more lovely friends I gain! You all have impacted my life in one way, shape, or form! And im forever thankful because of that! Byte means so much to me as y’all can clearly tell by now :slight_smile:


Byte’s purpose in my life has changed over the past few months. It started out as merely a place for me to make content and actually get recognized for it. Then it became a place for me to actually enjoy making what I love to make. Now I see it as a combination of that and as a place for me to make friends. I’m making friends that share the same passions and hobbies as me, friends that share the same humor as me, and friends that can relate to the content creator life. We’re all dealing with joy and stress together, so now I can say I’m not just in it for the numbers and stats, but more importantly for the fun, humor, and friendships. :blush:


For me byte is a place I can have a chance I never had on vine to be myself and show who I truly am. I mean I create on other platforms as well but byte is something more special and something I can call home compared to other platforms. If this were on a contract basis like the NFL I would retire in a franchise like this community.

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