What do you want on v2 that wasn't on v***

I am wondering what you guys would want on v2 that was never on vine.

For example I would like a little longer recording loops than 7 seconds.

If you have any ideas that you would want on v2 post them below im down to hear all thoughts. :smile:

I don’t want V2 to be 20 seconds. Keep V2 as its own thing, and let others compete with it than the other way around

I think a “Prefer this user” option would be pretty neat. Could give smaller viewed creators with good content the opportunity to be put on some type of featured or explore page.


That would be an AWESOME idea!

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I am actually very interested in that idea, sounds like something that could be very good for the app

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Yeah of course, that sounds like the best thing

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Maybe a little bonus for creators who pass a specific number of followings. Like YouTube when someone reaches 100K they receive an item, so maybe a little increase in their video.

So if the max_duration = 6.5 if a creator passes 100K their max_duration could be 6.8

It’s a little idea that I think could be useful for some creators so they can make longer videos if they had to.


hmm, yeah giving the creators some sort of bonus for reaching a certain achievement would be nice, now deciding on what you get is the hard part, the duration could be intriguing though. :open_mouth: