What do you think the time limit for a post should be?

From the regular iconic six seconds, do you think there will be something new like increased time?

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Check out this thread:


I think the 6 second videos are what would make it special.


def 6 seconds. and maybe a 12 second feature put in somehow? becuz you know v2

Minimum 6 seconds
Maximum 10 seconds


The ol 6.5 (yes it was) is good. 10 maybe but any more you would take away that feeling of rush and the inevitable swearing trying to make your post in the time limit that made Vine such an iconic platform.

As far as I know, Dom posted a picture of some codes on Twitter showing that videos are going to be 6,5 seconds.

Vine was mainly known for a platform to share 6 seconds videos.But know the things are different .
Minimum 15 seconds is a must for a video.

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The older Vine was popular due to its short length videos with content people don’t have patience these days to watch long videos as i was also an creator “artist” i also had time constrains but 6 sec was perfect i suggest if you really want increase the time then for 7 or 8 but not more than that if you do the content will be dragged and people also may miss use it.

As a creator on Vine, I loved the daily challenge of telling & editing a story in 6.5 secs, it was a real buzz, makes you get mega creative, BUT there were times I really wanted to have 10 secs to achieve the impact I wanted for the storyline…so I guess it would be amazing to have 6.5 secs as standard, but maybe an actual 10 secs option button, for those special times you need it, don’t know, just an idea @dom