What do you think should be part of video editing?

In my opinion I want the video posting to start off basic like how it was on the original. A simple point and hold. The nostalgia of those crappy quality videos where people were holding it for a second and pointing at something else just makes me feel warm inside.

However there are many who are gonna want to be able to upload from there camera roll the videos they edited a lot and added sound effects to.

What is the view point of the community? Do you guys want raw hard cuts and nostalgic quality? Or do you want heavily edited high quality scripted videos? I’d love to hear what the community thinks. Please let me know.


i ike how it was b4, it was simple. that being said i do really feel like it should have some more options


I’d love to see them all. I loved using the Touch Screen Camera to do Vids. But when I dabbled in Edits n such, I enjoyed having the option to piece together what I wanted from my Gallery and Audio files. I’m equally for all of it.


Dom has confirmed that gallery uploading will be available:

I personally agree with you on the nostalgia aspect (I really don’t want v2s to become over-produced etc) but think that gallery uploading is needed for people who like making edits


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I think gallery uploading is necessary for content that will keep people interested. Unfortunately, very rarely are those spur of the moment videos (unedited) the best, most entertaining ones.


I want filters and speed controls.

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Thanks, @kaden. Haha. You are so fast.



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