What do you think about Fortnite Season 8?

Heyyyy guyys! So what do you guys think about season 8 in Fortnite, I don’t like how everything just popped out of nowhere but I do like the mechanics…

Cheeky little video here…

Oh yes Nathan, it is AWFUL! Do you know how much I was DYING?! All the ppl came from that game Apex to this crap game just to see how it was like and they all killed me! I cried…

I actually did…

umm… comment?

Changed category to promote yourself :slight_smile:


Apex Legends >


What about it??

Thanks, hold on, I kind of kept my video secret (at the bottom), does that mean every expert needs to look at every topic to see if it fits in a category like vids for example, if that’s the case then, wow you guys need a lot of praise! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: )

I do not feel a sexual connection towards Abstrakt and Ventura. Like i get what theyre trying to do but really? Introduce it in season 8? THEY DIDNT EVEN KNOW EACHOTHER UNTIL TOMATOHEAD NEEDED HELP WITH TOXIC TROOPERS CAR! Like, its a whole load of bullshit, you cant even feel that they like eachother, let alone ENJOY their company! It should have ended season 6. Whats next? Dark vanguard is actually going to join that cult and become possessed or something? Its stupid. Money grabbing season 8 i tell ya.

Oh its not a tv show…

I still feel no sexual connection.

Okay um seriously i havent played fortnite but this is still a really cool video, so good job :slight_smile:

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PUBG > Fortnite

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:joy: what are you talking about