What do you prefer? Puma or Reebok

  • Puma
  • Reebok

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Guys, you know how it works :wink:

As a chicken, I prefer Reebok’s.

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It depends of what you are gonna use them for, for example running Reebok

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Yep, u know

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Puma for me

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I think the same

Not going to lie Puma definitely stepped up their game when they partnered up with Rihanna!

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I like Puma’s socks

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Cool :laughing:

I didnt know that they work with Rihanna

“Cause chickens make a “bok” sound. (My joke is ruined now.)


Ok but Nike, Adidas?

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But, what?

Reebok because of the PUMP.

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the what?

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Reebok Pump

Thank you for that link saved my life