What do you plan to present on Byte?

if this is too vague, what are your plans for videos on byte? music? animation? art? cool magic-y (is that a word?) editing? drop it below! :slightly_smiling_face:

for me, it’ll probably be animation + music. we’ll see, i guess


mostly funny / relatable bytes & spreading positive vibes :slight_smile:


sounds pretty good to me :]


One can hope I’ll be able to present to people ways to combat single use plastic. hopefully humor and definitely a small streetwear collection within the year as well lol

I post very chill songs that people can study to or sleep to. I don’t make them though. Hopefully when I get bigger I can start making my own though.

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Positivity and motivation to the world!!!


Fitness motivation and tips! >Lancebfit

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I am about to shoot a music byte. I’ll probably do music and comedy mostly

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I’ve started with gaming clips from my streams, but I got comedy sketch ideas on the way.

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Music, funny and relatable, positive and update bytes


Random SFM animations, including SFM remakes of popular Vines.


Most of my videos are comedy with my partner in Crime, my one year old Husky.

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Probably just gonna be myself and dick around, maybe some cooking things here or there.

I plan on bringing back the Comedy golden era of vines

I’m planning on posting crackhead energy videos, like that level of relatable and funny stuff

My funny moments I started making Meow Meow noises while doing cycling livestreams in Amsterdam, now I am traveling the world bringing the #MeowMeow everywhere I go!


i’m planning on posting bytes on style and beauty! follow me @cehleena :hugs:

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im gonna use it to cope @dingdoes

I’m @neefy on Byte and I’m just tryna showcase some comedic creativity I have to help make people laugh :call_me_hand:t3: