What do you order at Chick-Fil-A?

I order a chicken sandwich with a large waffle fry and large lemonade along with two packets of Chick-Fil-A sauce.

What do you order?


I never been there

YOU NEED TO GO, it is so good.

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They are not in my country :disappointed:

Awww that sucks


Everything and anything

spicy deluxe for life

Chicken Sandwich (no pickle), fries, half and half tea and chick fil a sauce.

I just had some a moment ago :yum: I got a chicken sandwhich with a medium fry. Honey mustard sauce :honey_pot:

It hurts reading this cause there are none in Canada (that I know of) :sob: :sob: The closest thing we have to Chick-Fil-A is probably Five Guys! One day :sleepy:

Update: turns out there is one Chick-Fil-A in Canada and it just happens to be in my own city. Unfortunately it’s like an hour away :disappointed_relieved:

Never been, not sure even if they have them in the UK :confused:

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12 count nugget meal large with a lemonade and and extra 12 count. Never changes

I always order #1 with honey mustard, coke zero no ice (you get more that way :wink:) and if I’m feeling fat then a cookies and cream milkshake

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Spicy chicken meal with a lemonade all the time

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I am silently crying reading your replies because we don’t have that in Switzerland :sob: we don’t even have a KFC man

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Chicken, sometimes a shake or ice cream cone

I honestly would drive an hour for Chick-fil-a if you’r ever in the area you should give it a try

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Absolutely nothing :joy::joy::joy:jk