What do you like about Byte that you feel Tik Tok and Triller are missing?

And vice versa? So far I like that there are different channels so I can filter my intake better… I think it is missing the ability to import multiple clips (or am I missing something here??)


normal people




The focus on content and not numbers


I like the portions of byte that aren’t lip-sync or trendy dances. Original creative content vs copying popular stuff.


For me, it’s perfect loops.


The community is great and immediacy of the platform.


Byte is just better all around. The feeling of a community, the organization around themes, and it feels more legit and not fake


Community and uniqueness (that word looks odd but I’ll leave it). Byte is the place where it’s possible to connect with others, stumble across unique and entertaining videos, and successfully avoid a stream of videos that are identical but for some reason have thousands of likes. Getting likes is good feedback (and are appreciated) but making a proper connection with others is better, that’s the ‘social’ in social media. It is the app that I enjoy opening as I know I’ll see something worth watching.

I have tried lots of social media apps, and I’m still active on many of them (though mostly non video platforms). My experience of Tik Tok was that it is toxic and wants to show me a stream identical videos that aren’t actually entertaining, it also doesn’t show my videos to anyone - I guess I don’t tick all the right boxes (is a doesn’t wear makeup 46 year old mum classed as too old so hidden?). I also didn’t like the amount of space the app took on my phone, so many features made it massive and it caused problems. I popped onto Triller but within an hour it felt like Tik Tok. Unique and entertaining videos probably are on those platforms but they aren’t easy to find, whereas here on Byte they are everywhere and I genuinely find myself laughing out loud, or pulled into an amazing animation that also has a fantastic soundtrack. This is what I like about Byte.


I like TikTok’s features and algorithm but I think Byte app has a better style. I think the Byte team cares more about its users (they are constantly adding features we want) and also how you don’t have to worry about shadow banning. Byte also has a less shady history than TikTok and that’s important in a social media app.

Just wish the app was more pleasant to use. It’s too bulky


Good content, that’s what they are missing.

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tiktok has some good content😾

Sure, but it’s hidden in a pile of RENEGADE cringe.

Not dismissing the 680 million active users that upload content :skull_and_crossbones:

not you talking about just straight tiktok

Straight tiktok is renegade cringe, except for charli.

and the renegade is old lmaoooo

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Wait, what? Did they make a new dance?

there’s a lot luv xx

Not you living on September 2019☠️

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