What do you guys want your first video to be about?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately
No idea what I want to do :^)


I just want mine to be like a basic 'Welcome to V2, follow me’
After that then I’ll start posting like real stuff


I’ll pick up where I left off.

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I’m just going to act like it’s a normal post so people know what to expect.


I’ve gotta start it out with a pun. I don’t see any other way


ahahaha nice! i like the name :))


Thanks I appreciate it!

Just « follow me and keep cool » ahahah

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By the way how did you link your channel to your profile?

You do : youtube : (without the spaces) to get the youtube logo, and then I just copy and pasted my channel

Probably something comedic just to grab the viewer’s attention right off the bat.

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Something unique to grab the viewer’s attention :grin:

defiantly something original!

I think we should stop calling it V*nes

I wanna do something great/unique but i dont know what hahaha

Please can you change the word V*ne for Video

Thank you

You right

My first video is of a pun

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I’m going to be running through white people neighborhoods with my shirt off.


Honestly I think it’s just going to be whatever I can come up with in the moment. I like using spontaneity a lot when I make my videos because some of my best work has come from me being spontaneous. But no matter what I am sure it is going to be comedy of some sort, I just hope its some of my better comedy :joy: