?What Do You Guys Think?

What do you guys want to see added to the app or what do you think is coming soon?

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I keep thinking that something extra could be added for avatars. Maybe gifs?


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That would be cool, but could lead to inappropriate things as well haha

Yesss both I would like as well

Very definitely a risk, but it could also be something unlocked from stars

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For but rebyte notifications it’s coming. (maybe a rebyte count but then some will be worried about the numbers being low or high)

For edit caption users might abuse function. (e.g. hashtags)


I made this as a topic but a streetpass like feature like what is on the 3ds

byte :clap: app :clap: for :clap: smartfridge :clap:


I changed the topic to general discussion since this isn’t proposing an idea it’s asking opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly, if there was a way to choose your thumbnail for your videos. Most of mine are terrifying. Haha!

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Hiding someone’s rebytes