What do YOU guys think of my YouTube vlog? (Beginner YouTuber)

Tell me what you guys think! Let me know in the comments below! Thanks in advance V2 community!

P.S. Here is my most recent video! (2017 accomplishments)


I’m gonna watch this and let you know!

Awesome, thanks! Let me know what you think!

Okay the editing was on point!:fire: Loved the music throughout the whole vlog and the dancing!


Ayeeeee! Appreciate that lots! Thanks for the feedback.

I actually enjoyed watching this. Good editing.

Nice, well done. Keep it up :sunglasses:

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I’m gonna watch it

It was actually pretty good and entertaining. I loved it

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lmfaooo i’m only less than a minute in but the GTA weapon selection took me out :weary::joy: so far, i can tell the editing is great and you’re naturally hilarious and entertaining!

Typically, it’s those first 60 seconds that really matter when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention and you did it well!

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This is DOPE, Imma sub rn :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Lovely edit, very professional and best of all… no cringe

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I am making family friendly videos with my wife and kids. What do you guys think?

Thanks dude!!! Means alot!

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Decent buddy just gotta watch out with the songs never know when you’ll get that copyright strike! Keep up the great work, transitions,edits, and colour grading was on point

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awesome quality and good humor yeah the video was great keep it up.

Dope editing !!! What camera are you using?

a really high production value, had fun watching this

I’m using the canon g7x mark 2


Fancy fancy :camera:

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