What do you guys think of dark/offensive humor?

I personally love dark humor! What do you guys think about it? I think it’s really funny as long as it’s not your actual opinion.


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Anyway I kinda like dark humor but if it’s not too much offensive.

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I think that any humour is okay as long as it does not offend anyone or is not offensive, so that includes racist jokes, sexist jokes, homophobic jokes, body shaming, etc.


Exactly. 100 agree.


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Dark humor for the win! dark humor really takes me out lmfao

I understand it’s not for everyone though. I think many assume these jokes are synonymous with personal feelings and they’re really not at all. For me, if you can’t laugh at this godforsaken world every once in while, it is going to be a lot less enjoyable

But I know not everyone is the same


I don’t think you can really have dark humour without offending people that’s the appeal of it, I think there’s a problem with people confusing ‘Dark Jokes’ with just playing being a tool, I enjoy some dark humour if it is say a joke about someone’s race that person is okay with it (for example Seth in David Dobrik Vlogs) but also if it’s done in a good spirit (done to make people laugh not offend) aka h3h3. Obviously Dark humour isn’t for everybody but there’s is a place for it in my opinion


An old friend once said to me: You can be mean if it’s funny, otherwise you’re just an a–hole.


It’s the best kind of humor

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I’m gonna thank everyone for replying

I like dark humor to a certain extent

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Yes, I hear you, I just mean when it becomes something racist, sexist, homophobic, body shaming, things like that.