What do you guys think about the controversy over Instagram user @hoereacts

If you haven’t heard, @hoereacts on instagram recently posted on her story about how they do not “believe” in the LGBTQ+ community and how it goes against their religion and that they think that it’s a mental illness. They got a lot of backlash over that, and ended up deleting the story and posting a apology that most don’t consider sincere. SInce I know a lot of people in this forum are LGBTQ+ or supporters I wanted to know how you guys feel about this.

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I think people should be open about their views, regardless if everyone agrees or disagrees with them. That is what freedom of speech is, being able to speak your mind and opinionate on life.

HOWEVER; when you have such a great media following, I think you should keep your values to yourself. You’re a content creator, not the leader of a cult. Keep your shit to yourself.


Yeah, I agree, they do have the right to express their opinion but they should’ve kept it to themself. Another thing I think people had a problem with is the fact that people had a problem with was that they continued to post about known LGBTQ supporters, such as Arianna Grande

Is that user famous?

They had a pretty large following, I tried to look up how many followers their account had but I was unable to find their account, I think they might have deleted their account.

Well said. That’s something future influencers must watch out for and keep in mind

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Yes, I also try to find it but I did not find anyone famous or with more than 1000 followers

I used to be good friends with Jesse and I just HATE the feeling of him stating that. Moved this to off-topic. Do not want to stir up a heated conversation. It is not a female it’s a male.


It’s just more of the same shit LGBT people have dealt with for many, many years. So many people have been taught by religious groups and bigots to hate gay people for a long time, so this kind of small-minded mentality persists even though gay people have gradually gained more equal rights around the world. Just look at all the nasty comments Gus Kentworthy and Adam Rippon (the two out, gay, Olympic athletes from the USA) have been getting on social media.

If you are LGBT and on social media, you have to grow a thicker skin and try to ignore the hateful things other people say. It’s not always easy, but as I’m an old homo I’ve had many years of practice. :slight_smile:


They can have their own opinion but with a fan base that big I would just keep my opinion to myself

Everyone can have an opinion even if it’s wrong.
Thing is, pushing a political agenda on the internet is basically asking for a backlash attack. While already having a following means you’ll have people backing you up, a controversial opinion will always be bad for your career. Showing low tolerance brings about bad pr, no brand wants to be associated with controversy since it kills sells. So regardless of whether her opinion is right or wrong( mostly wrong, gays are cool ), the fact that she had to apologize should already show her a lesson on tolerance and understanding. It isn’t something chill like establishing her preference for a sports team, she openly dissed human beings for stuff they can’t control. Even if it where a mental illness(as she ignorantly stated) just like depression it wouldn’t be cured, only controlled. Fighting depression helps you be happier but, in the case of homosexuality, it would be denying your happiness.
Tl;dr: She was dumb for being controversial on something that people can’t control, hope this shows her a lesson on how to be a decent human being.


You’re friends with the owner of that account?

Used to 8 char

Oh ok 8char

Ye basically if you have a big account on IG, it’s a network of people ya know. I was fazed when I found out Ethan @Textposts wrote his apology, sigh.

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I mean even the fan base is big there is no such thing as wrong opinion. Only YOUR opinion. Just because he’s got a big fan base doesn’t mean he has to be politically correct. I wouldn’t wanna strike up such big controversy if I don’t have to, but for me as well it is against my religious belief. No one can attack you for it.

Why it should even bother? I mean really some “hoes” how they call themselves, might have an opinion that is different from my own. That’s their absolute right. All I know for sure that people around me are on the same tune as I am and that’s all I need. If you are triggered by unwanted content just use spamguardapp .