What do you guys think about a "reality show" style way of getting rid of toxic artists?

Instead of simply kicking out toxic creators after getting a certain number of reports, on V2 the five most reported artists get put into a poll every week and the community gets to choose who gets banned on V2. I believe that this would be a great way to let the community regulate itself and discourage toxicity. This may also be a big producer of content by the five artists explaining why the shouldn’t be banned and other community members producing content on who should and who shouldn’t be kicked off.

However, this should be done in a heavily secure manner where abuse of this feature has almost no chance of happening.

Are you suggesting to put them on blast?


I feel like the discipline actions of someone shouldn’t be left to the community- staff are granted that position for a reason and don’t show bias towards who they remove from an entire social networking platform.


I like it, kind of… but no way this is happening.

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I agree with @logic . This sort of poll encourages mob rule.

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I feel like that could lead to a lot of trust issues within the community. I don’t think that would be the best way to go about it.


Sounds like too much work, and would cause a lot of drama :joy:

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@KatieMoe exactly…

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i don’t think this would be a feasible option. As then people would strive to be on the most reported list and would gain a following off of it.

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I think that if it’s left to the community it could cause targeting. Like ganging up on someone.

Having people mass vote to ban users is not how to stop toxicity. It’s the opposite.


it is highly disrespectful

Like a rating system, too much potential for abuse

No lynch mobs. I think discipline should by done by staff. I remember one Viner that had multiple accounts and friends with multiple accounts. Man they were not good.image

I don’t think that would be reasonable at all, a mute button on someone’s profile would be much better; anyone unless proven unworthy of the app shouldn’t simply be able to just get kicked off the app because you don’t like them.

I don’t think a system where the platform users can literally bully people off the platform is ever a good idea? First, just consider the personal impact on someone when they get literally voted off the platform, also this idea wouldn’t work.

Think about it. Anyone with enough people against them to be on the list is someone who is popular in general. Which means that they likely have a very large number of people supporting them anyway who would make sure they were never voted off. So all the bad content creators will be saved by their fans and only smaller content creators would be bullied off.

There is literally no way to introduce a feature like this that won’t be abused.