What do you do for money?

I pick up and deliver stuff for a hospital network. It’s a lot of driving but sometimes I transport organs!


That job would make me queasy since medical anything grosses me out lol. But welcome back to the forums btw :sunglasses:, 2 years ago means youve been here longer than me lol

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Being a student with 2 jobs while at school and then one job when I get home for breaks lol.


Well I made the account long ago but forgot about it until recently. But thanks for the welcome!


I am a Digital/ Social Media Specialist , but I am currently looking for work as I was recently laid off.

I work with apps doing CPI campaigns boosting them to the top of the app store :sunglasses:. 6 figures a year if you good at the craft & have good reach

I’m a full time university student but I also work 3 jobs in head lifeguard at the schools pool, I’m the webcaster for the school sports and I also work at the cafeteria. :upside_down_face:

I’m an author but full-time I work as a loans processor for my university. I’m hoping to enter into the IT Field soon though.

What do you do for a living?