What do u guys think about tik tok nazi problem?


Byte wont have those problems but tik tok isn’t managed properly and thats why those things are occuring including half naked females pouring milk on their breasts sooo :man_shrugging:t4:


Oh good to know. I hope Byte is managed super well although I’m sure it will be :grin:

I didn’t even know this was a problem. I try to stay as much away from tik tok as I can, but I do think that it is a big problem due to its main user base being impressionable teens.

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if this happens to byte, we needa get that ban hammer :hammer:

I haven’t seen this, though I’m not on Tik Tok much anymore since most of the people I follow have quit using it.

They should just get banned

ever since musical.ly changed into tiktok, it was downhill from there.

If dom allows community moderation from Experts im sure this wont occur

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Nowadays TikTok is a brewing place for memes and edgy humour, and when that gets to such a big point you often see shades of hate speech towards certain groups arise.

I personally think Byte will not have this problem at all, as the majority of ‘toxic’ culture on TikTok comes from the duet feature (and thus being able to poke ‘fun’ at others). Secondly, by gauging the atmosphere on the forums and the discord people seem genuinely interested in creating an atmosphere that is healthy and encourages creativity.

When Byte has come across a bit of a d*ckhead (eg that Khalyd dude) the community on here went against it.

So yah, Byte should be fine.


Another thing added to the list that makes me hate tiktok even more.

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