What do people think about Billie Eilish?

I’m unsure about my opinions on her. I used to really like her music but i’ve sort of gone off her. Just wondered what other people thought of her ? :slight_smile:


i love her and her music! got a lot of talent, especially for someone so young

i’m actually seeing her tomorrow night at a club near me. really excited :grin:


also there’s already a similar topic to this ;p


I absolutely love her and her music :heart_eyes:.
I think she’s pretty cool.

Sorry…Sorry… Sorry… Sorryyy… SIKEEE

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i dislike her. she creeps me out

I think she’s great. She’s going through a tough time following the death of X, so I believe the ‘creepy’ stuff is just a phase. She’s just a teenager as well, she shouldn’t have to deal with the burden of fame.


I´m just going to say she´s Awsome

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oops sorry ! i didn’t realise

omg ! hope you have a good time !!

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many people who know her apparently say shes brilliant for her age…which i had a hunch too…shes talented and is going to the top for sure

Shes a few months older than me and I feel like a failure.

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