What do people even find funny (seeking for feedback)

https://byte.co/iina there’s my account. I currently have a little over 100 followers (thanks😊) and during the 5 months i have been on this app only one of my post has “blown up” (it got like 30 likes and 300 loops (i normally get maybe 10 likes and maybe 30 loops)). Like what do people even find funny. My account hasn’t really grown at all since i hit 100 and i just really want to know what i need to change. (Note, I’m not seeking for clout, I’m trying to find a way to improve my content). These couple of weeks have really started to mess with my head because i just feel like everything i post has no reward and it’s almost like no one even sees my account…

So if you could check my account and give me some feedback and couple tips, i would REALLY appreciate it.


The one where you jumped in the laundry basket was golden, let me just say that.

And honestly, comedy is subjective so it’s hard to say what people find funny anyway. Random humour is usually one way but other days it can be wordplay. My advice is to try not to overthink what may go into your videos.


Thank you for your feedback :heart: and I’m glad you liked that byte. Overthinking is something that i definitely do (haha) and i have noticed that random humor does work on some of my posts. Thanks again for the feedback, i took some notes :slight_smile:

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My biggest suggestion would be to just do what YOU think is funny more than what you think other people will think is funny. Obviously you need to keep the audience somewhat in mind, but think about the kind of content that you like watching. Try to be an objective observer with your content, and if it doesn’t make you laugh, you can then ask yourself why.


I like that you keep it quick and keep it short which goes a lot further than most people realize, but I have a lot of trouble understanding you in a lot of your videos because of the sound quality


After watching a few of your bytes I think the sound quality could be an issue. You should also use more hashtags. But if you need a sure way to grow everyday, definitely interact more with the byte community. Like and comment on other people’s posts. The more time you spend getting to know people on the forums and the app in general, the better in my opinion :+1:


It’s a grind early on, no matter how good the content. Like most social media. Posting regular content will get you more engagement, it just takes time and Vids don’t really blow up on Byte, at the momment anyway. Engage/comment with others helps


I’m pretty interactive with people who regularly pop up in my notifications. I seem to have fallen into a loose group of others who are similar. Try doing the group things like @LNBB which I hosted last week. Or #bytefighter.

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An unexpected twist

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I’ve realized that Byte’s algorithm is not the best for new users, or the ones that came right after the “hype” went down and videos stopped getting viral on the platform…so if you didn’t grow during that time, my advice is of course create content that keeps you happy and motivated here, but don’t forget to engage with users that enjoy content like yours. Since the algorithm won’t push your content, you need to put yourself out there so other users can somehow visit your page and find your content.

I think your content is pretty cool, but the audio might be a little issue to fix :). Keep creating and be patient :slight_smile:



I know it’s weird af but go along with it

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Get to know the other Byters. I’ve yet to come across someone who’s impolite or proud. Everyone is amazing. We all make content and we share that in common so we understand whatever everyone’s going through.
Most importantly, make more content and keep making them if you do. :wink:


I like your style, I like that you keep it short, and that it doesn’t feel like you are trying way too hard.
That being said, I had some trouble understanding what you said in some of the bytes. Some others mentioned audio quality, but I think it’s more of a diction thing. Sometimes I have to record things several times until my words are understandable because I try to speak faster than I actually can, so I’d say to keep that in mind and keep everything else the way it is

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: yeah, English isn’t my first language, and looking back at my old bytes, even i have a little trouble understanding what i say XD i am currently working on my pronunciation. One of the biggest problems is that it literally sometimes feels like my tongue doesn’t fit in my mouth Haha

Again, thanks for the feedback, i found it very useful :slight_smile:

I think you’re funny

The biggest thing on here is the fact that you could be posting as much amazing content as you want but if you’re not interacting with the community then nobody will see your posts. Interaction is the basically like “marketing” yourself and people will see you more often with the more collaborations, comments, and likes you do. Also making a point to reply to all comments so people will remember to come back to your page.

Try getting more involved while simultaneously still pumping out quality content like @kevinsaxbyy explained.


I don’t really find non-black people using the n word to be funny.