What do I do?

Ever since I deleted twitter my social’s been dry, I need more people to talk to who wanna give me their Instagram? Lol


Why you deleted your twitter :eyes:

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Always hated twitter but I did find entertaining stuff on there

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Lol reminds me of this…true.


Well I’m bout to watch this now lol

I’d suggest to give Reddit a try if you haven’t already.

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i’ve had twitter for quite some time, and have to say out of all the platforms to become famous on. That platform is probably the one I want to get big on the least becuase of all the drama on there


I have twitter but I never use it. I should probably start using it more

I hear Byte is a pretty cool social media app, you should check it out!


That’s weird I heard that too

What’s this byte app you speak of? Sounds cool

I still don’t know how to use twitter…srsly, I just don’t get it…lol
I have to watch a tutorial everytime i want to post something.

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Twitter is what you make of it. Since your experience relies on your curation of your timeline, it can be a good place. Avoid following bad posters, and filter content you dislike.

Have you tried facebook?