What direction do you guys "Byte Culture" heading to?

I noticed many of the Gen Z are posting “No :heart:” comments on millenial videos just because they aren’t like TikTok videos.
I have also noticed many “fairy” comments(which can be very spammy). How will the next few weeks look now that the TikTok refugees are here?

  1. Do you think there will be less fairy comments? Personaly, I don’t have a problem until every :partying_face::seedling::seedling: other :heart_eyes::loudspeaker: word :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::skull: is surrounded by emojis. It makes it hard to read a comment. I would rather there be some “unofficial” ettiqute rules that make you post emojis at the end of a sentence that way it is easier to read.

  2. Are the videos headed away from Vine style videos and toward “deep fried memes”?
    I noticed a splash of deep fried memes and now the “Vine-like” videos are hard to find.
    Will people start to gravitate towards Vine-like videos again?
    I noticed that people were just reuploading TikToks(why are they reuploading TikTok’s on Byte? why not stay on TikTok?)

  3. The culture war. Are they seriously going to continue with “Kill all Millenials”?
    or will this stop?


1 & 3 - That’s just what’s funny right now to post on byte. Kinda like when Twitter added who can reply controls and everyone tweeted "Reply if you’re not ___ or reply for ___). It will definitely die down over time. When byte improves the recommendations algorithm, people will see what they want and it will be more like most other social media platforms with their own mini communities within.

2 - Why can’t we have both? Both are pretty funny. Again, people who don’t like either will hopefully stick around for the improved algorithm.


We’ll just have to hope things will get better.

i don’t care how stuff goes, as long as everyone has respect for each other


Wish it’s more supportive and less insulting with no death threats as a joke and using mental illness as excuses for being a jerk.


IDK. I’m hoping that it’s something that feels distinct, but if people want to re-upload tiktoks on here, that’s fine as well. I wish there was a way to block a tag? or something to that effect, at least; so I can curate my feeds better.

See I don’t mind the weird emoji comments but I wish they made SOME sense :rofl: it feels like I’m reading a cryptic note where the body is buried

like it’s not even connected humor, it’s so disjointed like: “electric :fairy:‍♀ legs :leg: :purple_heart: for the first week :fairy:‍♀”


  1. They are doing that because byte typically doesn’t have all of the sounds/features available to them so they make it on tiktok first

I also saw one of your comments earlier delegitimizing depression in our generation… It’s interesting to note that gen z is statistically the most depressed/most mental illness, not to mention growing up in really trying times. Not a great way to be liked on byte lol.

I was pointing out the culture that people were claiming to be “depressed” but don’t have a legal diagnosis from a doctor; that undermines people who have an actual mental illness. I have been on 3 anti-depressants within a year, I wasn’t undermining anything.

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All generations have people claiming they’re depressed without a diagnosis… I’ve been diagnosed and depressed my entire life, I still don’t make it into a competition of who has the most mental illness… Also most of your posts have been really close minded about the culture shock of gen z… Some of which I get like the negative and hurtful comments, but let’s not forget when the millennials partook in that same type of toxic bullying with MySpace and Facebook.

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I think it just came off to some as you dismissing mental health problems among Gen Z but clarifying it now helps with that context. It’s a problem I’ve noticed within our generation even; people fetishizing and glamourizing mental illness as if it’s special or unique to be ill. It’s gross. This isn’t fun? I’m not having a good time being mentally ill lol I promise you that. Gen Z saw us doing it and now it’s spread to some. Take solace in the fact that it is NOT common.



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Quick question: is Gen Z the most depressed and anxious? I haven’t looked that up actually. However, I do know that millennials are frequently cited as the most mentally stressed generation and man, if we are, you guys absolutely are too lol. It’s just gonna get worse for each new generation until we all die HOORAY

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From the american psychological association

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This article is a bit of confirmation bias I have to admit but based on personal experience I’d say we are overarchingly mentally ill in one way or another…


It’s just so damn sad. My generation was the most depressed, and now it’s Gen Z. When are we going to do something as a nation about this? Ugh.

I think this is the start of a beautiful collaboration. Brainstorm off each other and come together as one by creating, communicating and coming together for good causes

Super excited and optimistic :joy: LETS GET IT​:fire:

i’m here hoping :vine: styled vids come back. they were actually funny.

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