What color should the merch be?

Should it be like the old ones? Green? Black? I hope all of you take part in this topic!


White and Green

I would like something completely different from vines merch


Same same

Green for sure but some black and white ones would look cool

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yea black would be dope

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Maybe this kind of colourway e.g light blue and a slightly darker blue.



YES! I’m definitely gonna cop some merch with this type of color

Don’t think it should be on the green or blue spectrum…
Green, it’ll get compared to vine even more
Blue, a just like nearly every other social media (Facebook, Twitter, tumblr…)

I’d like a red or orangey colour, they’re my two favourite colours. Maybe purple as well? Purple is kinda cool :hugs:


Red or orange

Yea it would sell super fast too cuz it’s a popular clothes color

I like those, the green would be perfect for saint Patrick’s day

the semi-“classic” green, obviously with an off color to steer away from the old app.

I like the green option, but different vibrant color options should be available for individuality

Purple is a nice unique and different color away from alot of the other social networks out there. (:

Purple would be dope. We should ditch the green. No ties to the old app, we’re moving forward, this is gonna be it’s own thing :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with you

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Something unique

i like the black background and white font idea.

maybe allow the person to choose from a selection of colours?


yessss! I love red and orange so that sounds awesome! purple is also really cool :grin: