What color should represent v2?

This is NOT a vine-2, which is why we need a new branding to help differentiate the app.

I think we have to stay with the green, i like it personaly

It’s a sequel, follow up, spiritual successor, whatever descriptor you want to use- v2 is a new Vine. This is factual information. I haven’t seen or read any information that would prove otherwise.

The point is to distance the new app from the old one, because Twitter owns the rights to Vine. That’s why if you try to say V-ne 2, it’s censored here: ■■■■■■.

It should be a color that is not used by other viral social platforms. It could be green, orange, purple …

I really like the 2nd last one. I agree with having bright yellows or oranges to show playfulness, and yellow makes me happy anyway :grin:

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I only remember as i had mine yellow/orange

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That’s unrealistic, but good luck!

How ‘bout green? (In all seriousness, i was thinking about a black backround with the vine green for the words “V2”.)

How about grays, whites and neon blue

I don’t know why but Orange/Red sounds dope af

It would be cool to be able to change the colour scheme

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I think we have to remember that Yellow is going to feel too close to Snapchat, much like a darker blue is Facebook and a lighter one Twitter. As for colors like Red and Orange, they feel a bit basic, at least to my eyes. And purple/pink are in Instagram’s color palette. I think Green is the best bet, very few apps use it, and it’s what many are expecting.

Orange for me

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