What color should represent v2?

Red? Representing the red light on a camera when it’s filming?

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I know I lot of people like the green but I think blue would be cool, not like twitter blue tho. like a nice teal?

So many apps use blue, though. v2 needs a different color that will stand out.

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Definitely not blue.

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I like the idea of being able to slightly customize each artists page, but also pick a viewing style for when searching just through general feeds. Comedy having it’s own style, but then pick a person’s page and it’s what they like. Even if it’s just a color change or font style it would be fun.


Considering the pic @dom posted on Twitter, as well as the colors of the new v2 Twitter page, I would assume v2 is going to be the same color as its predecessor.

I’m sure they had that in the original?

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so many colors :sweat_smile:

Red, purple or yellow

Right, you’re right. I think it was just a small set of colors though if I remember right. Was thinking a bit more options. animated gif for profile pic or background image for artist info page,etc. I had forgotten there was a color option. Man… it’s been too long.

Wait isn’t it a green/lime

Ofc green but anything is fine

red sounds good

I’m thinking of like a transition from black to red? Like how in the comments there are transition from purple to green. BUT make it customiaziable to the account, not like color choices, but a color wheel:

I agree that we should be able to customize some aspects of the app’s UI but there are some things that can’t be customized (the app icon, logo, trademark design including a color) and many things that shouldn’t be customized (some parts of the UI) for the purpose of giving character to the app.

Like old vine or red

I think Blue would be better to give “V2”which is NOT Vine a different look and Better Distinguish “V2” between “Vine”

Honestly, something along these. Shows the “playfulness” of the app

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You can’t make a new Vine without carry over it’s iconic branding- stick with the green.