What category do you rebyte the most often? That you DO NOT Byte about

What category of content do you rebyte the most often that you do not byte about yourself?

I thought about this and I started rebyting nature because I only have one Byte on that topic.

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Experimental, such an underrated category and comedy i also rebyte time from time. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I haven’t rebyted anything yet, I wanted to get my own content on my page first.

But parkour videos, and shuffling (dance). I can’t do none of that but I really enjoy to watch it

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Artistic bytes with music. I also love videos that deal with horror, though I don’t think horror is a category.

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graphic thingies. not sure what the official name is, but stuff that looks cool and was made by a computer.

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Anything that I enjoy :b: :b: :b: :b:, I use multiple category… (I don’t limit my options, I explore them.)