What categories of videos would y’all actually watch?

In the first app, there were many categories that weren’t very big, and comedy completely dominated the app. Do y’all prefer another category to be bigger or almost as big on v2?

Comedy and animals


Probably edits because they were the reason that I got vine in the first place.


Comedy was the reason I went to vine.

comedy was a big one for me, but edits were definitely my second favorite part of the app. a lot of that content fizzled over to instagram for a while after vine died, but it didn’t work out since IG vids don’t loop (at least not well). so so so excited for edits of my favorite people/things to resurface once V2 comes around.


There’s actually still a pretty big editors community on Instagram.

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I’m here for the comedy.

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I’d probably just watch comedy and sports

the dank meme section


Comedy :joy:

most likely comedy and if there’s an edits category in the future, definitely there too. to be honest though, i mean comedy like alex ernst and tina and them, not lele pons

Comedy was my main reason for watching vine, but I also liked singing ones

Comedy for sure. Second on my list animals.

Mostly funny vids but I love anything creative

Comedy for sure but also music vines would be a super cool category

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I mean on the old vine I watched a lot of the music vines just because everyone was so drastically different it was so amazing to see all these voices in one category . And especially when you make it on to the popular pages in whatever your forte is in the app that’s always cool .

Anything really. The great thing about Vine was that both original/remakes of Vines both flourished. I love anything comedy or anything that produces positivity.

I really like comedy and edits

Edits, comedy and singing :smiley:

Conedy, Dance, Music and animals probably