What can you post in the comment section

Today was my first day in the V2 forum and I just wanted to start out by saying it’s so nice to see such a supportive community of people who are as excited for V2 as I am!

Anyway, I was wondering if the comment section would be strictly word comments, like Instagram, or would you be able to comment gifs and photos like you can on Twitter. I know V2 wants to be completely separate from Twitter but I just thought it would be super fun to see how creative people would get if they had the ability to comment on a vine with a vine or even just a funny meme/photo.

Maybe there could be a rating system for comments where, instead of simply liking a comment, you could upvote or downvote it like a reddit feed.

I know the downside to being able to comment with any type of media would be that the comment section could get spammed with people trying to promote their own vines (or with loads of random memes). However, voting system could, hopefully, help fix the issue. I just wanted to see what people thought about the idea or if maybe anyone had anything they could expand with.

Thanks so much to anyone who took the time to read my crazy idea, and I can’t wait to see what great content you all create once the app is released :blush:

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I would like to say is that in forum for now we have these direct emoji’s available.

And Other gif’s you can post via Link.
About app all i can say is that for first days of V2 App there will be a normal system as Instagram and i prefer that because people use GIF’s sometimes as spam and its not good.But lets see maybe after some time on app @dom will make a poll or something or maybe he adds those GIF to comment section.

I didn’t Get about polls system you talked about but maybe this topic will help you out.

Thanks and Welcome to V2 Community. We would love to hear more idea from you.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! Guess for now we will just have to enjoy those custom emojis :grin:


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Aaaaa thank u :blep:

Yeah lol :joy::joy::joy: these emojis are also good and you’re welcome.

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Well… on the forum you can post gifts :V so have fun here.

On V2 I think you can only comment like on IG.

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Yea I have a feeling it may just be like the insta comment section. I just wanted to put out the idea for something different. Guess I’ll just have to post gifs on the forum for now.

Hello ■■■■■■ peers!
I just want to shoutout this project , I am a creator that is very excited for this! Within my life I’ve found barriers behind other social media experiences that create walls I must breakthrough. Please allow more detailed features too personal profiles (helps develop brands / upcoming projects, creates room for more creativity, also allows the user more time to use v2 for the most detailed profile of the artist) :man_singer: just my opinion and ideas! Thank you for being a major support to the #DREAMERS :genie:


Great! We’re putting all of the top apps into one - this is going to be sick!

Love it! :unicorn:

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